How Information Security Services Can Keep a Business Safe Online

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How Information Security Services Can Keep a Business Safe Online

What is information security? 

In the context of cybersecurity, information security is a part of information risk management, a structured process designed to strengthen a domain’s cybersecurity posture. 

In 2010, the CNSS (Committee on National Security Systems) defined information security as "The protection of information and information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction in order to provide confidentiality, integrity, and availability." 

This is achieved through a series of constructs, namely monitoring a domain, identifying vulnerabilities and threats to assets, evaluating those risks and designing plausible ways to prevent and mitigate them. 

Information security services are available online, for instance as a subscription service which will monitor the cybersecurity posture of a domain via it’s URL. Here are a few ways how information security services monitor a business’ cybersecurity. 

Types of cybersecurity monitoring  

Each information security service will provide their own cyber security monitoring tools. In general, these services consist of autonomous 24-hour scans of a domain. Each scan routinely tests the organization’s network security, application security, DNS Health as well as brand and IP reputation tests and even exposure testing which pertains to any data breaches or leaks.  

Cybersecurity monitoring tools are designed to quickly and efficiently identify vulnerabilities and potential risks. The findings of the scans are then presented in the form of a cybersecurity posture report, in which each finding is weighted in terms of severity before the algorithm determines an overall Security rating for the domain.  

Here are a few examples of cyber threats and vulnerabilities that can be identified via the use of a cyber monitoring tool: 

  • Pre-existing malware 

Perhaps the biggest concern to any online business is the existence of malicious software having infiltrated the company domain or devices operating on the network. A cyber monitoring tool will identify this quickly and devise a way to not only remove it but prevent it from happening again. 

  • Brand and IP reputation tests 

Reputation tests are used to detect bots, prevent spam and phishing constructs appearing on the site, and evaluate how a domain interacts with other services. 

For instance, poor IP reputation can determine whether emails sent by a company are automatically filtered as “Junk” or “Spam” when delivered to customers. 

  • DNS Health 

DNS, or the Domain Name System is a directory that matches domain names to IP addresses. Poor DNS Health can mean the domain is blacklisted from certain browsers or IPs.  

  • Network and Application Security 

Network security pertains to scanning of a domain’s traffic and assets at a network level, whereas application does the same at an application level. 

These scans can determine whether traffic is legitimate or botted, and identify potential vulnerabilities in the context of denial-of-service attacks.  

  • Identifying leaks and breaches 

The security reports provided can also check whether the domain URL or company assets have appeared in any leaks or breaches online. 

This includes probable email address breaches, or whether any information about the domain is on the dark web. 

  • Assisting businesses with compliance 

Poor cybersecurity can lead to breaches, hacks and incidents which can be destructive to any company or business both financially as well as it terms of brand reputation.  

However, all businesses operating online must be also be compliant with certain regulations and practices in order to avoid fines and taxations. 

Just to name a few, every online business needs to be aware of its use of trademarks, patents, copyrights, payment gateways laws pertaining to different parts of the world, age restrictions and licenses and permits. 

Cyber monitoring tools can aid with keeping a business in check when conforming to regulations, and provide security against taxations or sanctions being imposed by regulating bodies due to negligence. 

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How secure is

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