How a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Platform Can Help Keep Your Organization Secure

Blog / How a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Platform Can Help Keep Your Organization Secure

How a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Platform Can Help Keep Your Organization Secure


In recent times during and post COVID-19 recovery, conduction of businesses has increasingly shifted online. Cloud software has become increasingly utilised by businesses due to its accessibility, availability, productivity and profits however with every change comes challenges. Challenges associated with online business conduction include security monitoring of IT systems, platforms, applications and environments simultaneously while detecting and managing potential or real time cybersecurity threats.   

If your organisation lacks staff and expertise to address this growing number of security concerns, it will likely be beneficial for you to seek a security service provider who can implement effective security controls using managed detection and response (MDR).  

What is Managed Detection and Response (MDR)? 

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) refers to contracted cybersecurity services aimed towards protecting the data and assets held by an organisation, even in the case of a successful threat.  

Services provided by an MDR security platform are conducted with advanced 24/7 security control. Services include cloud-managed security, advanced analytics, threat intelligence and human proficiency in investigating and responding to deployed system compromise attempts.    

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) vs Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs)  

MDR and MSSP services certainly share a few commonalities however, both services differ in terms of technology, expertise and relationship. MSSPs typically focus on vulnerabilities however MDR services aim to detect, respond to and search for threats instead of security monitoring. Some MSSP services do provide 24/7 threat detection and response and are capable of operating firewalls however do not provide detailed threat research, analytics and forensics provided by MDRs.  

Services that MDRs typically provide but not MSSPs: 

  • Dedicated threat hunting services for irregularities found on networks or endpoints. 
  • Detailed threat detection, triage and forensics. 
  • Team of professional threat detection experts who can be contacted by phone, email or text. 
  • Access to international threat intelligence and analysis. 
  • Combined endpoint and network security.  

Advantages of Managed Detection and Response 

Companies are often are required to manage highly frequent cybersecurity threats whilst simultaneously coping with increased security costs. Increased protection, awareness and compliance without more tools and staff is an objective that organisations typically strive for.  

Therefore, in addition to advantages mentioned previously, implementation of MDR services can provide an organisation a number of benefits: 

  • 24/7 monitoring and better communication methods with seasoned SOC (Security Operations Centre) analysts. 
  • Improved threat detection and expanded detection coverage. 
  • Professional conduction of investigations regarding security alerts and incidents followed by appropriate action.  
  • Improved responses to detected threats.  
  • Enhanced forensics.  
  • Vulnerability management.  
  • Log management. 
  • Preserved access and customisation of your organisation’s security defences. 
  • Enhanced compliance and reporting. 
  • Increased cost-effective solutions – hiring skilled analysis, deploying security solutions and formulating response protocols will result in a cost of a small fortune. MDR services decreases the required costs needed for implementing and maintaining cybersecurity threat detection and solutions. 

Choosing the right MDR solution for your organisation  

Choosing the right MDR solution for your organisation can be a difficult task especially since the services provided by suppliers largely overlap.  

Therefore, it is important to consider the following tips before choosing the right MDR solution for your organisation: 

  • Is your organisation already equipped with a staff member who can assist or does your organisation need an MDR service to manage everything? 
  • Some MDR providers offer a team of dedicated Tier 1 analysts so make sure you understand what kind of staffing is attached to your MDR choice.  
  • Ask about the solutions that will be provided by the MDR provider and check the threat visibility supplied. 
  • Your MDR provider needs to inform you that updates are continuously carried out. 
  • Your MDR provider needs to notify you that their response method is automated as organisations typically are subjected to far too many threats on a daily basis for them to be handles manually.  

How can Securiwiser help your organisation? 

We aim to provide our clients advice concerning implementation of various specific cyber security methods, some of which will be more suitable than others depending on the business type to help ensure the cyber health of our client’s system.  

We advise our clients (whether they are individual users or business owners) regarding various cyber threats that their businesses and operating systems may face. This includes increasing trends of certain threats and prevention methods that are cost effective and time saving.   

Furthermore, business owners, employees and the general users may forget to conduct regular scans to monitor the health of their operating system, which criminals can take advantage of to gain unauthorised access by exploiting unrecognised, underlying vulnerabilities.  

Securiwiser can conduct regular scans for your system and provide a detailed cybersecurity risk assessment and a cybersecurity vulnerability assessment. We can further explain detected vulnerabilities and risks in detail to our clients and provide the best course of action that will save your business time and money.

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How secure is

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